Real Time
Tracking tool

Follow your shipment from
loading to delivery​

No expensive hardware or additional device needed, as soon as the driver turns on the App on the smartphone, you can track your shipment in real time through the Customer Portal.

Pick-up / Delivery

Get notified at each stages
of the shipment

From loading to delivery, you have full access to the shipment status and you get notified at each major checkpoint with a confirmation directly from the driver.

Centralize your

Manage your shipment tracking directly from Customer Portal

With our Customer Portal, you can track and follow several orders at the same time in a simple and user-friendly interface.

Real Time
Exception Alerts

Get real time and
customized alerts

You can set the non-conforming rules that you want to get in case of an exceptional event occurs. You will be notified immediately if something wrong happens .

Real Time updated ETA

Don’t be surprised anymore​

From loading to delivery, your ETA is constantly updated so the relevant teams can react quickly and pro-actively to delays or exceptional events. Increase your productivity!

Digital CMR

Simplify your administrative forms

With our mobile App linked to the Customer Portal, CMR can be automatically filled and reproduced digitally thanks to a QR code. Reduce your workload with digital shipping documents.

Dispatch simplification

Easily monitor your drivers

Because we also give an importance to transport companies, we specifically add a dispatch feature which allow you to assign orders to drivers for a live dispatching

Live Chat

Directly communicate
with the drivers

With our live chat included in Easy2Trace app, the transport companies can contact directly their drivers, keep him informed or ask updates about the shipment without calling them.